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WebPage or Wiki...Which to Use

I have heard people say that wikis are defacto web page, but not all web pages are wikis. In general people can give a pretty good definition of a web page, and some good examples of wikis, but many are not sure of the differences and when to use either. If you are collaborating with individuals on a web based page, then a wiki is the best option for you.. While web pages are typically edited by one or few users a wiki can be edited by multiples.

Wikipedia and Wikileaks are probably two most familiar wikis known., and yes with an account you can log in and make edite changes.. There are several software apps to get you up and running with a wiki. Some are free, otheres are paio premium. As with other software apps the paid version offers more features.



DokuWik, MediaWiki, Tiki Wiki,

Helpie Wiki, WordPress Tables, Confluence Wiki,

I have mentioned two examples of wiikis, here are others that can serve as a guide to your decision making;





Stranger Things Wiki


Wikimedia Commons

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