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VPN's (Virtual Private Networks)


The primary reason for having a VPN on your mobile device or computer is privacy, especially if you connect to the web via a wifi hotspot, either open or password protected. Let's take a look at how a VPN works.

Now, you might be asking, what other uses are a VPN good for. If you visiti countries that might have strict or monitored internet service, like China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, just to name a few, having a good VPN is a must. You can still enjoy your streaming services, browse freely, email, chat, etc. It is very important to note: Make sure your VPN has a KILL SWITCH provided, just in case your internet connection drops, the kill switch will automatically cut your device off from the internet, without fear of some backdoor foreign hacker getting into your device.

Another good reason for having a VPN is online shopping, especially travel. For example, check airline rates here in the US, clear your browser cache and refresh. Next connect to a VPN server in another country. The price differences will astond you.

Third, using a VPN comes with security featues and anti-virus like protection while you are online..

Stay away from the many free VPN's available. They just dont do the job as the paid ones.

My experienes with usng CyberGhost VPN has been positive, that link sends you to a free download. It has many servers all over the world. and the speeds are fast.

According to field experts here are the top three VPN's available now, based on the criteria I talked about earlier. Check them out for yourself:

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