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QR Codes as a Learning Tool


What are QR Codes?

QR codes are a type of barcode, or printed pattern, that contain various forms of data, like website links, account information, phone numbers, etc. QR codes are found everywhere from menus to social media to billboards but have picked up popularity during the pandemic for their contactless nature, especially in the restaurant industry.

How long have they been around?

QR codes first came on the scene in 1994. Denso Wave, a auto sub company in Japan developed the code in order to help in the manufacturing process. By tracking vehicles and parts. It was designed to allow for fast decoding speeds, the name Quick Response code. QR codes owe their existence to the development and success of barcodes. Since their creation barcodes became very popular due to the speed at which they could be scanned, the accuracy they provided, and their multiple functionalities.

So how they be used in teaching and learning?

Example 1

Science fair projects can be fun and interesting., but a nightmare for parents. Instead of packing up and transporting the entire project (picture a working miniture volcano) have the stdent video record and edit all steps of the project...from beginning to outcome. Post it to a QR code which can be scanned and presented in various seamless ways to the students peers and teachers. A big load off Mom and Dad's shoulders.

Example 2

English Literature or any literature class involving reading the classics is a attention looser for these young digital minds. Instead of focusing on one book for the entire class to read and discuss, give the students choices. Now this next step will cause a littl bit of work for the teachers, but allow the students curiosity to be baited, using video and aiudio snippets from a cliffhanging portion of the book, linked to a QR code. is one free source to pull these files. Apple Clips on the iPhone is a way to develop your own snippets to attach to the QR code.

Example 3

Teachers, stop killing trees and link your handouts, study guides even quizzes and test to QR codes. This will give you the opportunity to properly show students how to manage , share and orgajnize folderrs using the cloud.

Example 4

QR codes, combined with using Google Docs can be used to track attendance...both entering and exiting a live or virtual classroom. This takes a little prep time, but here are some directions I found online you can save as a tutorial.

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