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My first civilian job after two enlistments in the U.S. Navy was probably the most exciting job I have ever had. I landed a position with USA Today's San Francisco. I started out as a lowly Data Entry Clerk, but thanks to a bit of luck, I was soon the Marketing Coordinator! I knew nothing about marketing, but a team of three energetic female Marketing Account Manager, and our Manager, Christine Lacy, patiently showed me the ropes. I will always be grateful to them all. They also encouraged me to continue my education while working, which I did.

The newspaper founder,  Al Neuhart, working from the company headquarters at the time in Arlington VA, had a vision of how new from all over the world could serve in education.

He founded the Newseum, adjacent to his headquarters. Sadly due to high operating cost the center closed.

The good news is that anyone with internet access can enjoy archived newspapers from around the world as well as from page headline of papers around the world, any day of the week!!

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