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"Must Do" Settings for Parents on their Kids iPhone's

Updated: Mar 29

The Apple Iphone is a very sophisticated and complex tool, invaluable in Educational Technology. In young hands this device can open up opportunities and vulnerabilities that parents may learn of too late. These tips are of my own opinion. gathered from years of learning of everything possible from each IOS upgrade, as well the hardware upgrades (new improved camera).

This might sound a bit evasive, but the importance of safeguarding your apple id cannot be stressed enough. Its the doorway to your icloud information stored, passwords, backup files, photos, etc.

Every parent out there with child users 13 and younger please do this. Under SETTINGS of the primary parents phone click your name at the top, where you see your name, Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases.

Next click on Family Sharing. Here you can send invites to family members older than 13, or for those younger users by selecting CREATE A CHILD ACCOUNT. Using a valid user email mail address and password, create the child's account but keep this information locked away. If they have already setup such on their own iphones kindly request that information and hold onto their devices until this process is complete.

You will be asked to verify your iPhone pament method with a verification code. But any online purchases made by anyone listed in your Sharing plan will automatically trigger a notification sent directly the you, the organizer.

Next continue by accepting and agreeing to the disclosure, the next page will have your type in the child's full name and birthdate.

Next create an email (or use the one the child has probably already cleverly made), Or select dont have and the system will create and apple id email for them. Type in and verify a password for the child.

Next the system will ask for you phone number associated with your iPhone. A text message will be sent to this number when the child tries to download an app, make a purchase, or go to inappropiate sites.

Turn on SHARE LOCATION so that you can see your child's location at all times.

Turn on SCREEN TIME, so as a parent you can set time limits om device usage, apps and gaming usage, and the best thing about allows you to create a 4 digit PIN number on your device which controls all the beforementioned features.

Your child might hate us, but the safety of our famies are importatn.

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