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Internet Archive

We have all heard the cliche "nothing is ever completely deleted from the web".

But have you ever wanted to find an old defunked webpage and retrieve infromation from it?

The Wayback Machine has been around since 2001, but has websites archived since 1996. It is run by a non profit organization called Internet Archive, and has over 832 billon web pages. Think of the Wayback Machine as a portal to "vintage technology".

To access the Wayback Machine go to either or just type in Wayback Machine. In addition to websites, there are free books, movies, software, music, and more. On the landing page the first item is the search field. For my example I typed in

I selected 2019 as the year from the timeline I want to search in. Notice the calendar, the blue dots represent more snapshot content. The green dots also have content but many images are missing. You will notice on all the websites the earlier years do not have a lot of content, the site was in it's infancy.

Let us appreciate all the time and effort these volunteers at the Wayback machine have put in to preserve history, online.

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