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Apple AirTags in Schools

For those of you not familiar, back in 2020 Apple introduced its small inexpensive tracking device called the AirTag. AirTags are not GPS location devices nor use satellite navigation systems. It uses an iPhone app called "Find My " along with Bluetooth technology bouncing off other nearby Apple and Bluetooth devices to return a location on you iPhone "Find My" map.

Here is the debate, are AirTags good for helping parents keep track of their school age children, especially those kids who don't have iPhone's and no access to the "Family Sharing" option? My personal stance, taking into account all the recent school violent acts involving lives being lost

Take a look at these statics composed by CNN.

Granted some may look at AirTags as an invasion of privacy, and for older school aged children this may be the case. But for younger children and parents, facing a heart and gut wrenching school lock down situation, AirTags can serve as a comforting support.

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