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AI Simplified

Updated: Apr 7

It seems that overnight a ton of new even more confusing phrases were added to our vernacular of unique technology library. Words like AI (artificial intelligence), ChatGPT, OpenAI, were among us. The our all too familiar web browsers of choice; Google, Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Bing, had all been taken over by AI, leading to more confusion and stress. First, let's break things down, starting with the broader topic of Artificial Intelligence.

In all my years of working in some for of technology, I have never read, heard or watched so many warnings of potential "threats to humanity" as from AI. But surprising, many warnings have come from AI company heads themselves. Take a look at the May 30, 2023 NY Times article written by Kevin Roose. Executives from several AI companies signed an open letter warning of potential risks AI poses. Read and form your own opinion.

AI is essentially the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally require human intervention.. To meet the AI standards these one of these features have to be met, Handcrafted Knowledge and Machine Learning. Handcrafted Knowledge is the older of the two, whereas computer programs were written for a particular subject matter. This of Tax Prep Software readily available online for use. With Machine Learning things get a bit more complex. In this case computer systems learn from training data examples. But while humans still have to choose algorithms (a set of calculation rules) and databases, as well as troubleshooting. Some examples of AI you have probably encountered is Siri on your iPhone, Google Assist on your Android, the GPTChat app.

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