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Affordable (FREE) E-Books

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

In the article, "The Decline of College Textbook Publishing" (Carbaugh, 2020), one of the main causes is that textbook publishers are currently revising their business model so as to move away from printed textbooks to digital (online) educational materials.

Thus unleashing the strangle hold students were enslaved to

in paying large sums of money to college bookstores. Then the alternative to not purchases these books, was failing classes.

E-books have been a technological godsend to not only college students, but educators forced by publishing companies to order new books for bookstores....sometimes every semester.

E-books have in many cases become free. The Project Gutenberg was the first to offer free e-books, with a simple mission in mind: To encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks. The selection is vast and growing constantly, with an emphasis on the classics.

Your local public library's website also has links to free e-books. Here are a few other links to free e-books.


Carbaugh B. The decline of college textbook publishing: Cengage learning and McGraw-hill. The American Economist. 2020;65(2):284-299. doi: 10.1177/0569434520936621.

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