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A Fathers Sins Free Download [TOP]

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A Fathers Sins Free Download


Forgive my Sins, Father is a free, narrative-driven game in which the player takes on the role of a priest. The story begins when the priest receives a visitor, who has come to confess sins. From here, a dark and unsettling story begins to emerge.

The phrase, "sins of the fathers" appears in the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy and Exodus. The phrase also appears in the book of Numbers and in Jeremiah. So, the phrase is linked to the keeping of the commandments and the consequences of sin passing through the generations. But the phrase is also a concept that is observed; sin does have consequences. The children of those who sin do in fact inherit the seed of sin and the sin nature. Moreover, certain sins carry intergenerational consequences. One thinks of abuse, alcoholism, and other sins of personal assault, violations of the image of God in the human being. Let's examine the quotes from Scripture:

Those sad consequences are transmitted through the generations. However, the glorious good news of the gospel is that this is a chain that can be broken. The blood of Jesus Christ demonstrates the sacrifice of God for the sins of the world. The righteousness of Jesus Christ fulfills the life that we cannot live. Whenever we trust in Jesus Christ the chain of sin's consequences, the sad and sordid "sins of the fathers" is, through the power of God in Jesus Christ, snapped as easily as one snaps a twig. 041b061a72


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