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1978 Suzuki Gs750

Battery Lookup has aftermarket batteries compatible with the 1978 Suzuki GS750. This Motorcycle originally came with a Yuasa UB14L-A2 power sport battery. The replacement options below are guaranteed to fit your Suzuki and are arranged to make comparing price & specifications quick and easy.

1978 suzuki gs750

The good handling chassis and reliable, over-engineered engines made the four cylinder GS bikes ideal platforms for motorcycle road racing, with the GS1000 tuned by Pops Yoshimura winning the 1978 Daytona Superbike race, the 1978 Suzuka 8 Hours in Japan, and the AMA Superbike national championship in 1979 and 1980 with rider Wes Cooley. The bike won the Australian Castrol Six Hour race in 1979. In Europe, Yoshimura GS1000-powered Formula 1 bikes won the Formula TT World Championship ridden by Graeme Crosby in 1980 and 1981.

Aside from the details setting off the GS750E, there have also been changes in the basic GS750 since its introduction. Perhaps the most significant alterations were made in carburetion to comply with emissions control regulations. Suzuki went to close-tolerance 26mm Mikuni slide throttle carburetors beginning with the GS750C (1978) model. The new carbs. while identical in nominal size to the 26mm Mikunis formerly used, were built with closer tolerances in jets and circuits. That's because altering jetting is now prohibited by law. and motorcycles must come with preset carburetion. Because no adjustments for normal production-line differences are allowed, tolerances must be closer to begin with.

The GS750B came with a # 100 main jet, 0-6 needle, 5F21-3 jet needle, and # 15 pilotjet. The GS750C (1978) and GS750N (1979) carburetors were changed to a # 102.5 main jet, 0-4 needle. 5DL36-2 jet needle and #15 pilotjet.

Other changes span a wide range of components. One-piece front brake discs replaced two-piece riveted discs (one-piece discs look cleaner and also dissipate heat better); rear disc size was reduced from 11.6 in. to 10.8 in. for better rear wheel control under braking; a remote-reservoir rear master cylinder replaced the integralreservoir master cylinder; the fork lock was combined with the ignition lock; seat material and shape was changed; and the deluxe E version was introduced, all for the 1978 model year.

Mid-way through 1978, the head gasket design and O-ring material were both changed. Early GS750s seeped oil from the head gasket even when the cylinder head was correctly torqued, so Suzuki switched from silicon-base rubber to flourine-base rubber in the O-rings which seal cylinder oil passageways at the head gasket. The new material better resists heat and oil.

It should be noted that the previouslymentioned additional frame bracing in the area of the front engine mounts may make it impossible to fit certain frame-mount touring fairings made for earlier-model GS75ÖS. Although there were no reports of frame breakage at the motor mounts in this country, Suzuki engineers decided to extend the length of the gussets anyway. That may be because the frame of the Yoshimura GS1000 w hich won the Suzuka Eight-Hour in 1978 cracked at one engine mount after being subjected to the vibration of racing rpm for eight hours. 1 he GS1000 frame is similar to the GS750 frame in that area.

It is versatile. One staffer has road raced seven different GS750s in various configurations and displacements, and rode one from Daytona to Los Angeles in 1978. The bike is at home in urban traffic, on super highways and on the banking of a speed bowl.

1978 Suzuki GS750, old school Suzuki, take yourself back in time with this nice example of the GS750. If you are reading this you probably know more than me about these bikes than most of us but please call the Shop on 01706 716650 for more information/pics etc etc. Part exchange taken and anything considered so please call 01706 716650 today.Please note mileage cannot be verifired and bike will be sold under our classic bike policy. 041b061a72


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