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LILIPALACE Full Gallery 47

Fresco painting was one of the most important forms of Minoan art. Unfortunately, many of the surviving examples are fragmentary. The walls of the great halls of the palaces and houses of Crete were skilfully decorated with frescoes.[20] The paint was applied swiftly while the wall plaster was still wet, so that the colours would be completely absorbed and would not fade. Through the frescoes, one can gain the sense of the character of Minoan life and art and the Minoan joie de vivre.[21] Some frescos were reconstructed between 1450 and 1400 BC, when the Myceneans had established themselves on the island, and exhibit a rather different style.[22]

LILIPALACE Full Gallery 47

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Live life on the water in this luxurious yacht. This beauty features one bedroom, one bathroom, a laundry room, a well-lit and spacious kitchen, dining area, and living area. The yacht also includes an entertainment deck, a dining deck, and even a gym deck. The top deck is an additional entertainment area complete with a fire pit and sitting area, a beach towel for sunbathing, a canvas for some seaside creativity, and a full bar to loosen up on the sunlit seas.

This massive modern townhouse has three living floors. The main floor features a beautiful living/sitting room, full service kitchen, full dining area, and bathroom. A garage is included on the first floor, but unfurnished (would make an excellent area for skill objects). The second floor includes a master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, and sitting area. The third floor features three children's rooms along with a child's bathroom. The traits for the lot are bracing breezes, sunny aspect, and natural light. This home can be placed on a 40x30 lot size.


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