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Hizashi No Naka No Real 1.5 ##VERIFIED## Free 41

I would be very pleased with the costume for Aizawa, since I am also a lover of the subject, having seen a fair amount of Aizawas in the anime. Its good enough to be recognizable, but doesnt look too much like Aizawa. Its actually very good, and in all honestly, it looks far better than a lot of the Aizawa's that have been cosplaying as him. If any of you have Aizawa's real costume, then I would recommend you visit the

So lets start off by saying I like the style of this costume. The colors and patterns are a bit hard to get used to, but I think it would be a great way to show off your Quirk. This would be really cool for someone like Enma, as she cant really go too crazy with the colors in the form of her costume. The important point here is that she actually manages to make use of the suit. So Im going to go off on a bit of a tangent here, but its something that I feel that needs to be addressed. At the time that this was published, there was a big controversy surrounding the hojokai, and they introduced a new Quirk for characters with hojokai. The new Hojokai is for characters with a hojouki Quirk, and it manages to exceed the abilities of the original version. So in the long run, its a good Quirk, but I think its a shame we didnt get to see its full potential. I am all for consistency, but I feel that giving the Hojokai one Quirk, and suddenly having to use it again on top of that just creates too much of a headache for the devs to deal with if they release another costume. Imagine having to keep updating each costume in a series when you introduce a new Hojokai. It would be like having a mobile phone that can do something like text messages, but also the internet, and the weather, and that app that turns your light up and down. Its just too much to deal with.

hizashi no naka no real 1.5 free 41


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